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Public School Pest

When you think of pest, you probably think of a student, but in our case, I think it’s my son’s teacher.  He’s been complaining that she’s mean.  A few students have even cried, and these aren’t kindergarteners, they’re 5th graders —  Kiddos who are used to the school routine.  Except when your teacher is an intense 25+ year veteran teacher.  Normally I’d be grateful for an experienced teacher, but in this case, I don’t think experience weighs out.  I haven’t figured out if it’s just her personality, that she’s just abrasive, or if she’s burned out, or if it’s both of those and maybe more.

All I know is my normally happy-go-lucky little man has been stressed and anxious, and even crying at the thought of going back to school each day.  I called a meeting with the teacher and the principal, and I left having mixed emotions.  She’s definitely intense, and wanted to steer the focus of the meeting to what she wanted to talk about.  Definitely an overbearing personality.  We agreed to weekly phone calls.  Last night was the first of those.  I can’t say I feel any better about the whole situation. 

And she threw in a verbal slap in the face, saying she had heard that my son wanted to live with his dad.  I know for a fact this isn’t true, but what I don’t know is if she said that strictly as a jab, or as retribution for calling her to the principal’s office, or if she was digging for information.  Doesn’t really matter.  What I do know, is that as a mother and grandmother (as she told me she was) she knows full well the power behind her statement.  Shame on her.  I see thru her comment, but how many other parents has she wounded in her 25+ years of teaching.  Multiply that times ten and we might have a low-ball estimate of the number of students she’s traumatized over the years.

How is it that this woman still teaches?  I’ve been trying for a year and  half to get a teaching job and haven’t had any luck, but here’s this hateful woman interacting with innocent children on a daily basis.  It boggles my mind!

I’ve typed up an email to the principal outlining all of my concerns and requesting that my son be transferred out of her class.  I haven’t sent it yet, but I did send it to my ex-husband who was also in the meeting.  I want to see what he thinks about it, and I want to let it sit for a day.  I’ll look at it again tomorrow with fresh eyes and see if anything needs to be added or taken out.

It’s a stressful situation.  It’s so hard to see your child in misery.  So hard to drop him off at school each day knowing I’m sending him into such agony.  I know the school has a policy of class assignments being final, but in this case I think they have to make an exception.  He’s not focused on learning, and he can’t have a year of this level of stress.  I may be in for a battle, but they’ve got this mother hen riled up.

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Sex Ed 2010

My 10-year-old, fourth grade son brought home a note from school informing us that Friday the class will have instruction in “Growth and Development” in part to help the children “develop positive, confident and healthy attitudes toward growing up.”  The note goes on to explain that “Accurate knowledge about their bodies creates a normal attitude and perspective toward themselves.”   Great, normalcy!  But wait, the note also points out that boys and girls will meet in separate session, with the boys meeting with the only male teacher at the school, and the girls meeting with the school nurse.  She’s female, by the way.

I don’t recall having this kind of health class, really, until 7th or 8th grade. I think we might’ve touched on the subject briefly in maybe 6th grade, but it was our middle school exposure to sex ed that still has me chuckling.  My health class was taught by the basketball/baseball coach, so he was a basketball/baseball coach/health teacher. Ah, the good ol’ days!  I’ll never forget how we came to class one day to find all the notes already written on the board, and he instructed us to write down the notes — no talking, mind you — and study those for the test.  He even left the room.  The poor guy must not have wanted anyone to ask any questions.  We took notes and had a test over it later in the week.  End of “discussion,” if you can call it that.  Not that I would’ve asked questions anyway, but it seems funny now the lengths this teacher went to avoid the topic.

I’m curious to see how much my son will tell me about this class.  Will he say much or will it seem inappropriate, since only males will be present.  I can understand not wanting to embarrass anyone, but I’m wondering if the boys will get any information about girls’ development and vice versa. Or is that something for later on?

There’s also a place on the note where I can sign, if I want, and have my child excused from the “Growth & Development activity.”   All this is making me giggle.  The secrecy is making me revert to immaturity.  I’ll let him participate; then I’ll ask him what they said.  Will the video they show be cheesy? Will Ben Stein narrate? Will the boys laugh?  Will the girls?  Will they all be scarred for life?  Will they blog about it 30 years from now? Does anyone else remember sex ed? Anyone, anyone? 


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