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How to Make $$$$ FAST!!!

Must have a omputer or at the very least a typewriter.  Are you ready for this?  Go to your computer or typewriter, then hold down the shift key and press the 4 key four times.  There ya go: $$$$.

It’s corny, I know, but sometimes corny makes me laugh.  I can’t take credit for it; I read it in one of those little freebie newspapers at my local sandwich shop while I was taking lunch Friday.  It was an uneventful lunch, but it really got me thinking.  An old man was sitting behind me, and he asked an elderly lady a couple of tables away what today’s date was.  “The 6th, I think,” she said and she began to dig in her purse. “I’ll get my calendar.  It’s here somewhere.”  “It’s the 7th,” I chimed in.  “May 7th.”  I started to add, Today’s the 7th and Sunday’s the 9th — Mother’s Day, but I didn’t.  What if their mothers were long since gone?  That’s silly though.  It’s not like they don’t talk about or think about their mothers. 

A little later when this same old man was walking by my table, I noticed his shaking hands.  He stopped beside me and complimented my ring.  It’s nothing fancy; just something I ordered from Overstock.  He said he used to be a jeweler, and explained that he wasn’t flirting.  I laughed. Old people amuse me. 

When I was young, I used to wonder what my brothers and I would be like when we grew up.  Now I look at old people and wonder what they were like when they were younger.  I thought about this old man and wondered if he played baseball or if he liked school.  Was he talkative and social when he was a boy or was he quiet?  Did he remember learning to ride a bike? Or swim?  Did he make mother’s day cards for his mother?  Does he ever feel like time has gone by way too fast?  I can remember my grandfather in his 90s saying life was short and, at the time, that puzzled me.  He’d had a long life, how could it be too short?? But now I know time flies by, and we grow up fast, but we’re excited to get there, to be the grown up so we can make our own decisions, and then our kids grow up fast and maybe we want them to and maybe we don’t, but then we miss the baby/toddler/kiddo/teen that they were.  Now I’ve learned  how the dates and days can all slide together and we can lose track, but don’t forget to tell your mother or step-mother or aunt and grandma, Happy Mother’s Day! They just might be thinking about and missing their own mother or mother-figure in their lives, but thank goodness they have you.

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