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Oh, the Bachelor . . . [SPOILER ALERT]

This show is reallly beginning to irk me, but I keep watching. A few weeks ago I was thinking I can’t believe Ben keeps Courtney around. Despite the internet rumors that Ben ends up with Courtney, I kept thinking it was just a ruse to get everyone riled up and ranting about Courtney. You know, along those lines of No publicity is bad publicity. But now Ben just sent Kaci B. packing, so I’m going to go ahead and call it and concur that Ben does end up with Courtney. Bleh. Kaci B. was the only other one whom Ben seemed to have a genuine attraction for. Obviously whatever attraction was there was tossed to the side like Ben’s underwear when he skinny dipped with Courtney.

I don’t feel bad for Ben. He’s made (is making) his choices and will have to deal with that. Plenty of people have tried to warn him, including Ellen. Did you see that episode? I heard about it and looked it up, so here it is in case you missed it. Pay close attention to Ben’s face when Ellen tells him he’s probably engaged to Courtney. It’s rather telling. When I saw this, I was ready to call it, but I just didn’t want to say it was so. Anyway, check out this clip of Ellen telling it like it is to Bachelor Ben:

I don’t want to be yet another person jumping on the Courtney-bashing-bandwagon, but this girl is nutso, and for Ben to have picked her illustrates a couple of things. 1) This show doesn’t allow the Bachelor/Bachelorette to really get to know the person. Duh. 2) Men, despite their best intentions, tend to think with their penis. I hope this isn’t true of all men, but who am I to say?

Not to gloat in anyone’s misery, but internet rumors suggest that after 3 months of engagement that Ben and Courtney are on the outs. Big surprise there. Not. This is a classic Jake & Vienna redux. I have got to stop watching this show . . .

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The Vortex of Reality TV: The Bachelor

I’m a busy person. I work two jobs, sometimes a third that pops up every now and again. I’m a single mom of a very busy kiddo. I have pets to feed and care for. Groceries to purchase; bathroom to clean. etc., etc. So I’m a bit ashamed to say I’ve been caught up in this season of The Bachelor. I didn’t even realize it was on again (I watched it a couple of seasons, then lost interest at some point.), but I stumbled across an episode a week or two ago. Now I can’t seem to look away. I caught up on a few episodes on Hulu. It’s pitiful; I have no self-control.

It’s not that the bachelor is all that fantastic.

Ben, The Bachelor

I mean, he’s cute and all (not entirely sure I like his hair, but that’s a workable problem), but what’s more interesting, and I hate to say this, is the girls and all their histrionics. Tonight’s episode had two girls going home, crying, wondering what they did wrong. Ladies! Seriously?? If I were on that show being sent home, I think I would be crying because, Oh my Lord, the whole world has seen me act like there’s only one man left on the planet.

I know, it hurts to not be the one. But it’s also got to be hard to seriously think you’re the one, when there are so many other girls spending just as much time, or more, with the same guy. I’d be crying that the vacation was over, the adventure in all these different places – over; the slumber party atmosphere – over. Who knows, maybe that’s what they’re really crying about, but the producers won’t let them say that. Be sure you tell the camera how fab he was and how much you wanted to be here until the end.

And then there’s always the crazy chick. Enter Courtney.

Don't let her cuteness fool you!

She shows a sweet, sexy side to Ben and her psycho kitty side to the girls. Nevermind last week when she said she wanted to rip someone’s head off and verbally assault her. I have a feeling if she’s capable of verbalizing that, she’s physically capable of dishing out much worse. Look out ladies. This week she pulled a Vienna, taking her alone time with The Bachelor to intimate heights. Let’s hope Ben watched that season of The Bachelor and goes to school on Jake’s dime, if you know what I mean.

See, I told you. I’ve watched a season or two too many of The Bachelor. I thought I had recovered from my reality weakness, but looks as thought I’ve relapsed. I don’t think I’ll hit rock bottom until this season is complete because judging from the previews, Courtney gets called out by Ben, and I can’t miss that, can I?

Time to get my own reality.

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History Built in You

“What a co-winky-dink!” My son exclaimed.  I don’t recall what was coincidental; is that terrible??  He went on to say one of his friends had said it at school and he thought it was funny. 

“I haven’t heard that in a long time,” I said.  “We used to say that when I was a kid.” 

“He didn’t make it up?” my son asked, genuinely surprised. 

“No, that one’s been around a long time.”  Seeing a bit of disappointment on my son’s face, I quickly added, “It’s on oldie but a goodie!!”

“Mom,” he said, “you have history built in you.”

I smiled at his graciousness and thought to myself, Thanks, son, for not saying I’m an old know it all.

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What I Learned from a Unicorn

One day when I picked up my 10-year-old son from school, he said, “I got you something at the auction.”

Each quarter the kids in his class get to spend the tickets they’ve earned for various tasks like keeping their desk neat & tidy, getting a parent to sign their schedule each night for a week, etc. We parents donate small items and little trinkets like pencils, erasers, party favors, Yu Gi Oh cards, etc.

Just hearing him say he’d bought something for me made me proud of him. Just a few days before, I’d gotten completely frustrated at his continual requests: Can we go to TCBY? Can we stop by QuikTrip? Can we go to Target? Home Depot? The sporting goods store? He didn’t say them one after the other, but still I grew flustered and finally said, “You know, I want a new car. No wait — a pony!! . . . No, I want a unicorn! That’s it! I want a unicorn!!!”

So when I heard he’d used some of his hard earned tickets to buy something for me, I was touched. It didn’t matter what it was; I was just happy that the thought of doing something for someone else had crossed his mind and he had acted on it.

While reaching in his messenger bag, he said, “I did the best I could. Things were going pretty high.” I smiled thinking of him budgeting his tickets, getting something for himself, figuring out if he could “afford” something for me.

“Close your eyes,” he instructed. I did, and when I opened them he was holding a lavender colored, Happy-Meal-sized unicorn.

Even when I was frustrated, my son had been listening. I oooh’ed & aaahhhhh’ed over the little unicorn, trying to hold back tears. I told him it was perfect.

I took it to work so I could look at it throughout the day and be reminded that my little guy was, and is, listening, that I don’t have to beat myself up about being a less than stellar parent. To remind myself that my guy is a pretty special guy.

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