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Kacie B’s Return . . . and Quick Exit

Just after a night of Oscar buzzing, it’s back to “The Bachelor.” Nicki and Lindzi both confessed they could see themselves with Ben and went on to declare their love. From my side of the couch, it was oh-so-painful to watch, when it seems apparent Ben is smitten with Courtney.

Bye Nicki. Ben thanks you for playing.

Then enter (er, re-enter) our sweet, darling Kacie B. The commercial that’s been airing has been playing up her visit as a chance to warn Ben, but it turns out the real reason (or, more accurately, the initial reason) is because Kacie wants more explanation as to why she was let go. Oh, Kacie B. Let it go. Many of us, myself included, have been there and put ourselves in that position. Some part of us, even if we don’t dare admit it, thinks If only he could see me one more time, he would come to his senses. Rarely, if ever, does anything change; however, the “dumped” goes through everything all over again. That’s just what happened. Poor Kacie said she had to walk away from Ben yet again. She had to take a moment and lie on the floor in the hallway while she regained herself. Makes me sad for her. Her heart’s breaking, but I hope she mends quickly. She’s got too much potential to waste time pining over Ben.

Meanwhile, Ben is rattled by Kacie’s warning. I’d go so far as to say he looked downright annoyed by the time Kacie was leaving. Then when Ben met with Chris Harrison, he admitted being confused. I found it interesting that he said something to the effect that he had everything figured out and then Kacie came back with “the warning.”  (See!! I told you — he’s been planning to pick Courtney!)

Fast forward to the rose ceremony. For two seconds, I was thinking C’mon Ben! Now’s your chance. Cut ties with Courtney. Of course, that didn’t happen; Nicki didn’t receive a rose. Ben’s plowing full-steam ahead, heading straight for heartbreak station. First stop, a proposal to Courtney. Along the way, Lindzi’s being strung along. I don’t think I’ve felt as much sympathy for the other bachelorettes (or bachelors) as I have this season. Maybe because it’s seemed evident earlier on that Ben was focused on one person. The other contestants, though, of course, don’t see what we see. They aren’t there to see all the interactions with the other ladies. That’s why I think Poor Lindzi! She thinks it’s all “real” and she can see herself with him, and she thinks he might propose. I would hate to be in a situation like that where I eventually feel duped. Ugh.

Lindzi -- the one to be sacrificed at the end, all in the name of TV ratings

But the show must go on, right? Next week might be the show of all shows, when the girls return including Courtney. To face all the girls again, she’s either very brave or crazier than she seems . What did you think about her teary exchange with Ben where she said she regretted some of the things she’d said? There were moments I bought it and moments I thought This girl is good! I’m still haven’t made my final decision on that one.

I'm sorry, Ben!

One interesting thing to note: Ben asked Nicki and Lindzi if they wanted to stay in the fantasy suite. He let them make the decision. In Courtney’s case, somehow, Courtney turned it around and asked him what he thought. I’m telling you, there are subtle clues that indicate Courtney is the one. Not in a sense that their relationship will work out, but I do see Ben proposing. All these subtle indications plus my insider information (LOL). Did you read my post about that?

I could be wrong, but one thing I do know: I’ll be tuning in next week to see the claws come out the Women Tell All episode.

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More musings on “The Bachelor” . . .

Why do I keep thinking about “The Bachelor” situation?? I had decided Ben was all in — hook, line and sinker — and destined to pick Courtney. Now, though, . . . I’m not so sure. Maybe he’s going to come to his senses and realize Courtney’s been in it just to win it. If he does figure that out, my guess is he’s going to pull a Brad Womack and not propose to anyone. No offense to Lindzi or Nicki.

Us Weekly has a clip from the upcoming episode, where Courtney explains that she tried to be nice to the other girls, but gosh, golly, she’s in a unique situation (i.e., I’m so much better than them!) Here’s the clip:


The article’s worth reading. A source close to Ben says he feels he’s had the wool pulled over his eyes. Seriously? C’mon, Ben! There was no wool involved! Your common sense was tossed aside along with Courtney’s underwear. Your pal says you feel like a fool, and that’s because you should feel like a fool. Grow up a little, okay? Geeze.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on him. He had good intentions. But, I think that just shows he wasn’treallyready for marriage. He let sexual manipulation cloud good judgment. Why does that happen? All of the girls there are attractive. And sexy. Why is it one sexy, but truly insincere gal, can turn a guy’s head? Courtney’s quite the character, and while her nicknames for the other ladies may be appalling, that’s nothing, I’m sure, compared to what viewers are calling her. I wonder if, in the end when she’s earned the publicity she so craves, will she feel it was all worth it?

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