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Parenting Protocol

This weekend is my son’s weekend with his dad– my ex-husband — and tonight is my son’s inline hockey practice. My ex took our kiddo to practice, and no one was there except another mom with her son. According to my ex, she asked if he minded if she left — she was going to Kennedy’s. He said okay, but wasn’t sure there was going to be a practice since it had rained earlier in the day, and no one was there.

When he told me this I asked, “Kennedy’s? The bar?” He replied with a curt, “Yep.” Turns out there wasn’t a practice, and she didn’t leave a phone number. Granted, her son knows how to reach her, but I’m guessing she wouldn’t answer the phone. My ex is staying at the rink with the boys while they skate around. I’m curious to find out what time the mom returns to pick up her kid.

Am I too uptight or does that seem out of line? Maybe I’m an old-fashioned mom . . .

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