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How I love thee, Downton Abbey

Last season I was swept off my feet with this show, and I couldn’t wait for this season to start. It’s definitely a lovely addition to my Sunday. “Downton Abbey” is a period drama set in England during World War I, and if you’ve seen the PBS series “Upstairs, Downstairs” you may have noticed the striking similarities. This season, however, the series has really established itself as its own creation. I love it! Of course, I dream of myself living in the gorgeous Downton Abbey, but truth be told, if I lived then, I would be one of the servants. LOL

Some of the characters have changed a bit from last season. Take Mary, for example. She was so superficial last season, but this season she’s grown and matured a bit. Edith doesn’t seem as petty. At first I thought it was too much of a change from last season, but the move I think about it, the more I appreciate how the war has forced all these characters to grow up. Besides, I like these new sides of the characters.

Have you seen it? If not, you should! Tonight’s events had me weeping in my popcorn. Oh, how I love this show.

Sweet William.


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I should know better . . . (Part 2)

. . . than to shovel the snow! Yes, it has to be done, and my 11-year-old son is good about doing it, but we got a lot of snow, and I insist on helping, especially the part right by the street since we live on a busy street.  Now I’m paying for it.  Me + snow shovel = visit to the chiropractor.  And I still don’t feel great. I’ve been a bit stooped over all day.  Today when I was leaving my chiropractor’s office, he said, “Don’t forget, I’m closed tomorrow, but if you need to come in Friday, give me a shout.”  Translation: you aren’t going to feel better for a few days.  I go in to see him every couple of months, get adjusted, things are fine.  So him telling me that was a bit of a red flag.

I’m not a gal used to this much snow.  Where I grew up, we might see snow once a year, and it never stayed around long.  Then for over ten years I lived even farther south than where I grew up, and in that time I saw snow fall maybe twice.  There was never any accumulation.  There was ice one year.  That’s it.  So dealing with multiple snowfalls that stick around for weeks is something I’m still not used to, even after living here for 10 years.

I remember when we first moved here, and got that first snow, I wondered why people even bothered shovelling their driveways.  It’s all going to melt anyway, looks like a lot of work for nothing.  Then we found out that snow sticks around for a while here, and what you don’t move gets packed down, then it gets slick.  Lesson learned.  We got a snow shovel.  Then a couple of years later we divorced and he got the shovel. 

So when I needed one, I went to the hardware store and bought my own.  I didn’t put any thought into it, I just bought one.  I’m sure I bought the cheapest one, because who wants to spend money on a shovel when you can buy much more exciting things like shoes? But after watching my neighbors’ driveways melt and clear away after the sun came out today, I’ve about decided I should have a metal bladed shovel instead of this cheap plastic thing.  Mine doesn’t get down far enough so the concrete can warm up in the sunshine and melt away the last bits of snow.

So I shoveled and shoveled and now I’m achy, stiff, and stooped, and my driveway still looks white, while the neighbors’ driveways look clean.  Fail.  Why, oh why, do I even bother???

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I should know better . . .

. . . than to say I have laundry under control.  Seriously.  Just when I think I’ve conquered it – BOOM!! – the laundry pile is suddenly a mountain that threatens to come crashing down on top of me if I don’t start up the washer pronto.  I know it’s never-ending, so why the heck I said it’s under control is beyond me.  I know better!! 🙂 

I think I’ll start of new category of “I should know better …”s.  I’ve got a bunch of them!  I’m a smart gal, at least in some areas, but sometimes I do make the same mistakes a couple of times.  The laundry comment is minor, yes, but let’s see what else I can come up with.  What about you?   Anyone want to share their own “I should know better” moments?  Names can be change to protect the humiliated. 🙂

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Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife

I don’t covet my neighbor’s wife, but I do covet my bachelor friend’s cleaning lady.  She comes over once a week, every other week, and his house looks fantastic.  It’s never been so clean!  It’s just him and his dog, so it shouldn’t be that messy to begin with, right? But let me tell you, after she gets done with it, it sparkles.

I’m a divorced , working mom who between work, school functions, sports, and dinnertime, barely has time to fold the laundry or even start the dishwasher.  Needless to say, I’m green with envy.  How luxurious it would be to come home to a house someone else had cleaned — floor vacuumed, living room dusted, kitchen mopped and cleaned, bathroom scrubbed and minty fresh! I would feel like royalty. 

I’ve heard people say they could never have a cleaning person because it’s demeaning to the cleaning person.  I don’t quite get that.  It’s honest work.  We pay people to watch our children, to work on our cars, to deliver our mail, to teach our children.  Some of us even pay people to clean our cars, but that’s not considered demeaning to the guy at the detail shop.  Maybe it is demeaning if you treat the cleaning person with disrespect or in a condescending manner. 

If I had a cleaning person, I think I would hug her (or him) every time she (or he) cleaned my house.  Then she (or he) would think I was a basket case and never come back, and then I’d be back to where I am now, loading my own dishwasher, vacuuming my own floors, scrubbing my own bathroom.  Sigh.  I’d better go for now.  Those dishes aren’t going to do themselves.

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