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I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

I’ve figured out why I’m not getting as much sleep as I should.  My “eureka!” moment came the other morning when I woke to see a man standing near my bedside.  We were practically face to face and he was staring with a fixed expression, his hand reaching out to me.  Of course I was surpised, and you may be wondering if I screamed or called for help or how I managed to get this man out of my bedroom or house.  He’s still there actually, but don’t be alarmed . . .

Apparently my son thought my Eiffel Tower lamp needed a tourist.

My kiddo and his little jokes.  Love his sense of humor.  I recently bought a cast iron gnome for our flowerbeds, but I’ve yet to put him outside so he’s standing in our living room.  The other day I noticed his ears look a bit different than when I brought him home.

Not sure how the kiddo came up with that one, putting erasers on the gnome’s ears, but now our gome looks a little more elfish with those ear extensions.  What will my little practical joker come up with next?


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A report from under my rock . . .

Sometimes I see things or hear things that and I wonder, Where have I been?  (Hence the title of this post.) I had one of those moments earlier this evening.  I was driving by an old theater turned events location & was puzzled by what I read on the marquis:

Ethiopian Comedy Show (never mind that they misspelled it). I never knew there was such a thing.  When I got to the computer tonight, I Googled “Ethiopian Comedy” and it turns out there are lots and lots of YouTube videos of Ethiopian comedy.  I clicked on one or two to see what I’ve been missing, but they’re not in English, at least not the ones I clicked on.  So I’m still out of the loop.  I don’t know of any Ethiopian community around here, either. 

I guess it shouldn’t seem so odd or out-of-place, it’s just that Ethiopian Comedy is so specific.  It’s not “Open Mic Comedy Night” or “Stand-up Comedy Here.”  It’s Ethiopian Comedy.  What’s so funny about that?

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