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Art is dead!!

That must be the case since the new artwork that was installed in the office building where I work is photographs of dead grass.  Foxtails & Indian grass.  Up close.  Brown.  Just the thing to liven up the gray hallway.  Not.

I can say with conviction that I prefer photos of flowers, blooms, green grass or trees, sunshine, sandy beaches, or even abstract art — just not this dead stuff.  I even like the occasional photo of snow on tress or a lonely cabin at the edge of the woods.  Or ice on the lake.  But I’m partial to color.  Vivid colors.  Cheery colors. 

I’m no art expert, nor am I a psychologist but I can’t help but wonder what psychological impact this will have on everyone who walks by.  Gray walls and dead grass.  Not to mention these new photos are located in the basement level of our building, referred to in a more lively way as the “garden” level.  Now that we have dead grass in the below ground “garden” level, I think we can safely refer to it as the “compost” level, don’t you think?


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