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Another report from under my rock . . . get vajazzled!!

Wow, this one really has me feeling like I’m four steps behind the rest of the world.  I read a little blurb in a women’s magazine (Allure) about a new trend.  You know how bling’s the thing?  Well, apparently you can bedazzle your vajayjay.  The article also mentions “facials” for the vajayjay, better known as vajacials, but that seems pretty tame compared to getting vajazzled. 

Where have I been?    Or a better question, where would I go with this?  Or should I not be going out if I’m not vajazzled?  What kind of glue or adhesive is suitable for that area anyway?  Don’t answer.  That was a rhetorical question.  🙂  Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the dark ages.

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A report from under my rock . . .

Sometimes I see things or hear things that and I wonder, Where have I been?  (Hence the title of this post.) I had one of those moments earlier this evening.  I was driving by an old theater turned events location & was puzzled by what I read on the marquis:

Ethiopian Comedy Show (never mind that they misspelled it). I never knew there was such a thing.  When I got to the computer tonight, I Googled “Ethiopian Comedy” and it turns out there are lots and lots of YouTube videos of Ethiopian comedy.  I clicked on one or two to see what I’ve been missing, but they’re not in English, at least not the ones I clicked on.  So I’m still out of the loop.  I don’t know of any Ethiopian community around here, either. 

I guess it shouldn’t seem so odd or out-of-place, it’s just that Ethiopian Comedy is so specific.  It’s not “Open Mic Comedy Night” or “Stand-up Comedy Here.”  It’s Ethiopian Comedy.  What’s so funny about that?

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