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Technology, I curse thee!!

I apologize for the problem I’m having with my last post. For whatever reason, the video isn’t posting. I’m cursing technology, and all it’s wonder. Good grief! It’s late, I’m tired, and I still don’t have it fixed. I’ll give it a look tomorrow and hopefully figure it out. Sorry for being all thumbs. On the bright side, tomorrow’s Friday. Woo hoo! ūüôā

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Oh, the Bachelor . . . [SPOILER ALERT]

This show is reallly beginning to irk me, but I keep watching. A few weeks ago I was thinking I can’t believe Ben keeps Courtney around. Despite the internet rumors that Ben ends up with Courtney, I kept thinking it was just a ruse to get everyone riled up and ranting about Courtney. You know, along those lines of No publicity is bad publicity. But now Ben just sent Kaci B. packing, so I’m going to go ahead and call it and concur that Ben does end up with Courtney. Bleh. Kaci B. was the only other one whom Ben seemed to have a genuine attraction for. Obviously whatever attraction was there¬†was tossed to the side like Ben’s underwear when he skinny dipped with Courtney.

I don’t feel bad for Ben. He’s made (is making) his choices and will have to deal with that. Plenty of people have tried to warn him, including Ellen. Did you see that episode? I heard about it and looked it up, so here it is in case you missed it. Pay close attention to Ben’s face when Ellen tells him he’s probably¬†engaged to¬†Courtney. It’s rather telling. When I saw this, I was ready to call it, but I just didn’t want to say it was so. Anyway,¬†check out this clip of Ellen telling it like it is to Bachelor Ben:

I don’t want to be yet another person jumping on the Courtney-bashing-bandwagon, but this girl is nutso, and for Ben to have picked her illustrates a couple of things. 1) This show doesn’t allow the Bachelor/Bachelorette to really get to know the person. Duh. 2) Men, despite their best intentions, tend to think with their penis. I hope this isn’t true of all men, but who am I to say?

Not to gloat in anyone’s misery, but internet rumors suggest that after 3 months of engagement that Ben and Courtney are on the outs. Big surprise there. Not. This is a classic Jake & Vienna redux. I have got to stop watching this show . . .

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I Should Know Better: Stuck on “Repeat”

I should know better than to complain. Karma has a way of eking out justice. To honor my complaint of Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup,” the song has been stuck in my head all day. I barely know two lines, but those two lines¬†have been¬†playing over and over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. You get the idea. [sigh]

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Good Grief, Toby Keith

It’s obvious Toby Keith has fallen victim to the YesMen (and yes, YesWomen) around him, with his ego soaring ever higher in the atmosphere, resulting in the most annoying song in recent memory. I’m guessing¬†the conversation that¬†led to the irrepressible “Red Solo Cup” song¬†went something like this:

YesMan: Toby, you’re the most awesome musical performer on the planet.

TK: (No verbal response, just a semi-snarl-partial-laugh. Think of something along the lines of Elvis meets Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor.)

YesMan: Seriously man! You could sing a song about anything and your fans would send it to the top of the charts.

TK: Prolly right about that. (The use of “prolly” irks me, so it’s fitting to use it here. I’m LOLing.)

YesMan: Sure I’m right! We could write something simple right here, right now and I guarantee it’ll go platinum.

TK: Maybe. (TK’s strong suit is singing, not conversing.)

YesMan: Take that cup you’re holding — we can turn it into a hit!

TK: This beer’s for my horse.

YesMan: No, I don’t need it ¬†— nevermind. Red Solo Cup, I fill you up, let’s have a party . . .

TK: Catchy.

YesMan: It’ll be the drinking song of the decade!

TK: Gotta take a leak.

YesMan: I’ll keep workin’ on this song, man!

And so it goes. The birth of a song that would echo in the ears of beer drinkers everywhere, from frat parties to farm parties, from the country to the cities. Toby Keith, good grief.


(. . . Am I the only one who doesn’t like this song?? . . . )

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Public School Pest

When you think of pest, you probably think of a student, but in our case, I think it’s my son’s teacher.¬† He’s been complaining that she’s mean.¬† A few students have even cried, and these aren’t kindergarteners, they’re 5th graders —¬† Kiddos who are used to the school routine.¬† Except when your teacher is an intense 25+ year veteran teacher.¬† Normally I’d be grateful for an experienced teacher, but in this case, I don’t think experience weighs out.¬† I haven’t figured out if it’s just her personality, that she’s just abrasive, or if she’s burned out, or if it’s both of those and maybe more.

All I know is my normally happy-go-lucky little man has been stressed and anxious, and even crying at the thought of going back to school each day.¬† I called a meeting with the teacher and the principal, and I left having mixed emotions.¬† She’s definitely intense, and wanted to steer the focus of the meeting to what she wanted to talk about.¬† Definitely an overbearing personality.¬† We agreed to weekly phone calls.¬† Last night was the first of those.¬† I can’t say I feel any better about the whole situation.¬†

And she threw in a verbal slap in the face, saying she had heard that my son wanted to live with his dad.¬† I know for a fact this isn’t true, but what I don’t know is if she said that strictly as a jab, or as retribution for calling her to the principal’s office, or if she was digging for information.¬† Doesn’t really matter.¬† What I do know, is that as a mother and grandmother (as she told me she was) she knows full well the power behind her statement.¬† Shame on her.¬† I see thru her comment, but how many other parents has she wounded in her 25+ years of teaching.¬† Multiply that times ten and we might have a low-ball estimate of the number of students she’s traumatized over the years.

How is it that this woman still teaches?¬† I’ve been trying for a year and¬† half to get a teaching job and haven’t had any luck, but here’s this hateful woman interacting with innocent children on a daily basis.¬† It boggles my mind!

I’ve typed up an email to the principal outlining all of my concerns and requesting that my son be transferred out of her class.¬† I haven’t sent it yet, but I did send it to my ex-husband who was also in the meeting.¬† I want to see what he thinks about it, and I want to let it sit for a day.¬† I’ll look at it again tomorrow with fresh eyes and see if anything needs to be added or taken out.

It’s a stressful situation.¬† It’s so hard to see your child in misery.¬† So hard to drop him off at school each day knowing I’m sending him into such agony.¬† I know the school has a policy of class assignments being final, but in this case I think they have to make an exception.¬† He’s not focused on learning, and he can’t have a year of this level of stress.¬† I may be in for a battle, but they’ve got this mother hen riled up.

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I know, I know

I haven’t written.¬† I’ve been licking my wounds in an attempt to recover from what I thought was my ticket out of this job, a new opportunity, the answer to my prayers. . . the interview went well, I got the job offer, I was excited.¬† And then the salary.¬† Are you kidding me?¬† It was lateral, at best.¬† What’s my incentive to move?¬† I countered, they came back with an additional $1k tacked on.¬† I was soooooooo upset.¬† I cried and cried.¬† I toyed with the idea of accepting, just so I could move on to something else, but that night I woke up twice in a panic, sitting bolt upright in bed, thinking What have I done?¬† So when I really got up in the morning, I knew no one was forcing me to take this position, that as much as I want out and want to move on, I don’t have to take whatever presents itself.¬† I can choose.

It was with much disappointment that I declined the offer, but not without beating myself up about it first.¬† Am I not “worth” a decent salary?¬† Did I somehow come off as a loser in my interview?¬† What did I do to rate such an offer?¬† I keep telling myself it’s not me, it’s this economy.¬† Employers know a lot of people are without jobs and will take whatever they can get to get by.¬† Heck, I’m in that situation myself.¬† I’m grateful to have¬† a job, but this isn’t what I want to be doing a year from now.¬† Knowing that, employers can offer lower salaries and see who bites.¬† That’s what I think anyway.¬† And someone will take that position and be glad to have it.¬† I’m happy for that person.¬† Now if I could just get my own little ray of sunshine in the job search. ūüôā

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Bedside Manner: What’s Up Doc?

A recent trip to a doctor I hadn’t seen before has left me asking, “What’s up Doc?”¬† And not in a funny, cartoonish way.

After filling out page after page of paperwork, and being taken back to a little examining room, the doctor came in.  The problem was with my knee.  She looked at it briefly, not moving or touching it, and declared I had been bitten by an insect.  She was called out of the room, but explained that she had been waiting for this call and would have to excuse herself.  Not a big deal.  If I were on the other side and my situation was urgent, I would hope the doctor would give me priority. 

But then the wait took longer than I expected.¬† And longer still.¬† And a little longer.¬† I was starting to get peeved.¬† I was on break from work, so time was literally money.¬† She finally returned, but she stood in the doorway with the door open, handed me a prescription for antibiotics and proceeded to walk away.¬† Our entire visit couldn’t have been more than three minutes.

“I have something else I wanted to ask you,” I blurted out, before she could get away.¬† She took a couple of steps back, but still stood in the doorway.¬† I showed her my hand where a couple of dry eczema patches refused to calm down.¬† I told her I’d dealt with it all my life, but this needed something to make it go away.¬†

“It never goes away,” she said.¬† “Just use some over the counter hydrocortisone cream.”¬† And she began to make her getaway again.

“I’ve been doing that and it’s not helping.¬† That’s why I’m talking to you about it.¬† I need something stronger.”¬† I was really losing my patience, and obviously she wanted to be finished with me.¬† She said she would have the nurse bring a prescription.¬† God forbid she would have to spend more than four minutes with me addressing my concerns.¬†

I’ve never had an exchange with a Doctor quite like that before, but I’ve heard stories.¬† I want to write it off as an isolated incident, but I have my doubts.¬† I probably should have told the Doctor how I felt, if not right then, then in a letter or email, but I didn’t.¬† Instead, I took my prescriptions and my swollen knee and limped out of there, never to return.¬† And I won’t recommend their practice either.

Within 3 days, I was in another doctor’s office with a knee much more swollen and painful, but that’s another story . . .


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