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The Bachelorette — How have I missed Emily’s season??

I guess I’ve been in a whirlwind, but I realized The Bachelorette is off an running without me. Thanks to Hulu, though, I just watched episode one. Looks like it’s going to be an action packed season! I’m going to get caught up on the episodes, but for now . . . Bachelorette Emily gets to hand out the first impression rose, so I thought it would be fun to record my own first impressions. The beginning of the episode showed profiles of a few of the men, so I’ll just start there and then go thru the remainder as they were introduced to Emily.

Kalon – my first thought was that he isn’t as much past his womanizing days as he thinks he is. I had already decided he was a “NO” before he ever showed up in the helicopter, but I guess there always has to be someone we love to hate. We’ll see if my first impression changes.

Ryan – works with kids, has a dog. I’m impressed! Let’s see if it lasts.

Tony – has a son which is good, but also bad since he lives in Oregon. Clearly, Emily doesn’t want to leave Charlotte, so would Tony relocate there and be on the opposite side of the country? I’m a parent, so this doesn’t make me think highly of Tony. I’m calling this one a “NO” also.

Lerone – I didn’t have much of an impression one way or another about him until they showed him with his little dog. It just didn’t seem to fit him and didn’t give me a clearer impression of who he is. My thought was “Iffy . . . at best.” But then he was eliminated at the rose ceremony.

David – a singer/songwriter who said songwriting comes easy to him, that it’s a “rush of emotion.” For whatever reason, that red-flagged him for me as not being the strong male figure Emily should be looking for. He, too, didn’t make it past the rose ceremony. That didn’t surprise me.

Charlie – was involved in a balcony collapse accident wherein he sustained a brain injury. Nothing to scoff at. I recall years ago several people dying in that same type of accident. Beyond that, though, I didn’t catch much about him. Seems sweet, but will need to step it up.

Jef – I’ve never seen Jef spelled with one “f” but I’m trying not to let that cloud my judgment. He looks like he could be Justin Bieber’s older brother. I’d already pegged him as a “NO” (too immature), then he rode up on a skateboard while catching a ride on the back of the limo. Good grief. Playing with your toys doesn’t impress a woman. Not this one anyway. Maybe he impresses Emily. He made it thru the rose ceremony, so we’ll see how long he makes it. Emily said he’s “super cool” and she feels like a nerd. If he continues to be “super cool” and she doesn’t feel special, he’ll be gone. Watch out.

Arie – a race car driver. I didn’t have a good take on him, but an interesting thing happened. He asked Emily if she was ok with him being a race car driver. She paused a moment and said, “Yeah.” But as she said it, she was shaking her head no. Body language experts would argue that she was lying! Hmmm. . . we’ll just have to see how it plays out.

Sean – insurance agent from Texas. Cute, but other than that, not a major impression on this one. He made it past the rose ceremony, so we’ll see.

Doug – he’s a self-proclaimed hugger from Seattle, Washington, with an 11 (almost 12) year old son. He’s likable, but I stand by my earlier argument that he has a child and lives on the other side of the country (so . . .NO! Unless his child’s mother isn’t in the picture at all. In that case, more power to him. Go wherever.) Doug’s son wrote a letter to Emily that tugged at her heart strings. Doug got the first impression rose. Well played. ūüôā

Jackson¬†– fitness model who got on one knee and dove into the cliche “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” One word Jackson: cheesy!!! He was clearly a NO, from the get go, and not surprising, didn’t make it past the rose ceremony. Stunned that he’d been given the boot so soon, he pointed out that Emily was missing out on a great body and proceeded to remove his shirt and show off his “great body.” Your 15 minutes are up, buddy. Next.

Joe – jumped out of the limo shouted “EMILY!!!” I think he was a bit too enthusiastic. Emily looked a bit scared. He made it past the rose ceremony, but I don’t expect him to last long.

Kyle – didn’t make much of an impression on me.

Chris – didn’t make much of an impression either, but as he walked away, Emily said, “So sweet.”¬† Maybe there was something edited out that impressed Emily. Later, he pulled out two bobble heads, one of him and one of Emily. They had a Barbie-like conversation. Who knows about this one.

Aaron – Biology teacher – I thought the horn-rimmed glasses were a prop to accentuate his educator-status, but later he still had them on. Makes him look a bit nerdy. Not very impressed with him.

Alessandro – “You’re real! . . . That’s how we do it in Brazil.” What? Are people often not as they seem in Brazil? I’m confused. Couldn’t help chuckling, though, that he spoke to her boobs. Eyes up here, Alessandro. ūüôā Let’s see how long Emily puts up with that.

Stevie – Party MC – like Jef, I think he’s too immature. He introduced himself with a handshake, so I don’t think he’s up to the challenge. He made it past the rose ceremony, but believe me, he’s not the one.

Randy – got out of the limo dressed as a Grandma, stooped over using a cane. How is this supposed to attract a mate??? Needless to say, he didn’t make it past the rose ceremony.

Nate – didn’t make much of an impression, but this is another one where Emily whispered “So cute” as he walked away. Keep your eye on him. He’s a contender.

Brent – I thought his gimmick with the name tag was cute, but then when he sat down with Emily, he said he had 6 kids. I thought it was a joke, but when he didn’t make it past the rose ceremony, he broke down saying that he probably wouldn’t find love since a man his age with 6 kids blah, blah, blah. So it’s no joke. Wow. My questions is whether or not he’s divorced or is he a widower? That wasn’t mentioned. Either way, Emily wants to build a family, but that would be instant family. It may not be easy, but I think Brent can find someone. Surely there’s a woman out there who wants kids. It’s just not the right situation for Emily.

John “Wolf” – walked confidently up to meet Emily. My question is “Why do your friends call you ‘Wolf’?” Maybe that will come out later on. Other than that, not much of an impression.

Travis – brought an ostrich egg as a symbol of Emily and Ricki and how he’s going to take care of them. Sort of reminded me of Kasey from Ali’s season (I think) who was going to “love and protect your heart.” Not a good comparison though. Sorry Travis! He was the last to receive a rose, so we’ll see how long he lasts. Is the egg hanging out all season? That thing will smell awful if it gets cracked. Yuck.

Michael – what’s with the 1990s hair? He’s “Music Mike” from Austin. Possibly a Stone Gossard wanna be? I don’t think he’ll last too long.

Jean-Paul – doesn’t know much about her, which I thought might be refreshing, but apparently not. This divorced gent didn’t make it past the rose ceremony.

Alejandro – I’m going to get him confused with Alessandro. Shame on me. Anyway, he and Emily carried on a brief conversation in Spanish. We’ll see if anything gets lost in translation.

So that’s the skinny on the bachelors. My one complaint is this: I’m going to go nutso if Emily continues to say, “I know, right?” I know “everyone” says it, but isn’t it soooo last year?? And am I the only one annoyed by that phrase?

The previews for this season show Emily getting downright explosive at someone who refers to her daughter as baggage, and not only does Emily cry, but so do several of the bachelors. Looks like it’s going to be an interesting ride!


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Dear Kacie B, You’re Too Good For Bachelor Ben! [MORE SPOILERS]

Here it is late Wednesday, and Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor” keeps bugging me. I mean,¬†any gal who stages a mock wedding has got to be unhinged, right? The fact that Ben didn’t send her packing speaks volumes. Sooooo, due to my preoccupation, I had to go back and watch the last few minutes of this weeks episode. I was so caught up in Kacie B. getting the boot, that I’ve been neglecting to speculate on who it is that’s going to be making a comeback appearance. Who could it be? I’m just not sure! Any thoughts on that? Could Shawntel be crashing the show again? That would be awkward!

One thing I do¬†know after rewatching¬†the ending: Kacie B. handled herself with such class and restraint at the end when she had her final conversation with Ben. She saved her breakdown/freak-out for the limo ride. Watching her be so kind to Ben, I couldn’t help but think how Ben is really missing out! I can’t believe what he’s getting himself into with Courtney. He’ll find out soon enough, though.

A thought crossed my mind that Kacie¬†B. could be the next bachelorette, but Emily (from Brad’s second go-’round¬†is all set for that). Honestly, I don’t think Kacie B. will be on the market long enough to sit through a season of “The Bachelorette” followed by a season of “The Bachelor” before getting her own shot. Some man near her is going to realize what a catch she is and make a move. Smart man. Dear Kacie B., don’t cry over Ben. Be grateful he showed his true colors before you got too involved. Take what you’ve learned and move on. Next!!

And then there are¬†Lindzi¬†and Nicki. During the rose ceremony, the look on Lindzi’s¬†face showed she was certain it was her time to go home. Then when she got the rose and it was down to Kacie and Nicki, poor Nicki looked like she’d just ran over her dog. She thought was out the door. So to then watch them standing by as Ben announced they would all be traveling to Switzerland — it was painful, just awful! Come along for the ride¬†ladies, as Bachelor Ben strings you along on his way to propose to Courtney. Ugh.

I know, I know. You may be saying,¬†How can we be sure he chooses Courtney in the end?¬†Well,¬†besides my gut feeling, I have one other piece of circumstantial evidence. I know someone who lives in Scottsdale, AZ (Courtney’s hometown, remember), and this someone who lives in Scottsdale is a hair stylist. This stylist posted a picture to facebook of said stylist with Bachelor Ben, after having given Ben a trim. This was no more than two weeks ago. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I think Ben was in town to see his gal. When I saw this photo on fb, I didn’t think much of it, other than a passing Oh wow, six degrees of separation type of thing. Then after Monday’s hometown dates, it hit me. Bleh. So now that spoiler is out of the bag.

Maybe I’m wrong. We’ll all have to tune in Monday to see who the mystery gal is, see how those dates in Switzerland turn out. At this point, I can’t look away just yet.

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Oh, the Bachelor . . . [SPOILER ALERT]

This show is reallly beginning to irk me, but I keep watching. A few weeks ago I was thinking I can’t believe Ben keeps Courtney around. Despite the internet rumors that Ben ends up with Courtney, I kept thinking it was just a ruse to get everyone riled up and ranting about Courtney. You know, along those lines of No publicity is bad publicity. But now Ben just sent Kaci B. packing, so I’m going to go ahead and call it and concur that Ben does end up with Courtney. Bleh. Kaci B. was the only other one whom Ben seemed to have a genuine attraction for. Obviously whatever attraction was there¬†was tossed to the side like Ben’s underwear when he skinny dipped with Courtney.

I don’t feel bad for Ben. He’s made (is making) his choices and will have to deal with that. Plenty of people have tried to warn him, including Ellen. Did you see that episode? I heard about it and looked it up, so here it is in case you missed it. Pay close attention to Ben’s face when Ellen tells him he’s probably¬†engaged to¬†Courtney. It’s rather telling. When I saw this, I was ready to call it, but I just didn’t want to say it was so. Anyway,¬†check out this clip of Ellen telling it like it is to Bachelor Ben:

I don’t want to be yet another person jumping on the Courtney-bashing-bandwagon, but this girl is nutso, and for Ben to have picked her illustrates a couple of things. 1) This show doesn’t allow the Bachelor/Bachelorette to really get to know the person. Duh. 2) Men, despite their best intentions, tend to think with their penis. I hope this isn’t true of all men, but who am I to say?

Not to gloat in anyone’s misery, but internet rumors suggest that after 3 months of engagement that Ben and Courtney are on the outs. Big surprise there. Not. This is a classic Jake & Vienna redux. I have got to stop watching this show . . .

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