Emily, The Bachelorette – Episode 3

What an episode! In the beginning, while Emily was talking with cutie-Chris, she realized he’s only 25. She said this is a “red flag” for her. I sat here screaming, “What about Jef??? He epitomizes immaturity!” At least Chris acts more mature, even if he’s younger than Jef. Oh well, Emily has to figure things out on her own. Or does she?

She assembled her friends to meet several of the bachelors who had come along for the group date. Her friend Wendy (or is that her sister?) seemed to be the most outspoken, telling Travis the egg was “disgusting” (which I agree with, but that’s beside my point). Wendy kept telling Sean, “You’re so cute!” Then she had him take his shirt off and made him do push-ups. She made Ryan do push-ups too and told him he was so “put together and pretty.” Maybe it’s just me, but Wendy came off as a bit creepy. She sat on Sean’s back while he did push-ups. This lady needs to get out more. Maybe there are ladies out there cheering her on, but if she were a man and Sean and Ryan were women, we would all be appalled and disgusted by her behavior. Imagine some bachelor’s friend asking the bachelorette’s to spin around so they can check them out, or asking them to show some more leg, etc. Is it acceptable behavior just because Wendy is a woman and she’s doing it to men? I don’t think so, and I hope I’m not alone in my thinking.

Anyway, off my soap box . . . Ryan made a major faux pas in telling Emily that if she were to gain weight, he would still love her, but he wouldn’t love on her as much. Nice. Ryan has quickly dropped in my ratings. He’s too shallow.

Emily polled her friends and a few of them had a couple of picks, but according to the friends, Doug is the frontrunner (3 votes)

followed by Sean (2 votes)

and Ryan (1 vote).

They may have been the ones the friends voted for, but Arie wasn’t on the date, and he and Emily seemed to make a real connection. When they were eating, Arie confessed that he had lived with a girl who had two kids, and he wanted to have children but she didn’t, so they ended the relationship. I thought Emily’s reaction showed that this turned her off, but I was mistaken. He got a date rose, and later when Emily was furious at Alessandro for admitting that being with Emily and Ricky would be a “compromise,” she turned to Arie for support. It ended in a make-out session in the house, and judging from the preview for episode 4, Ryan calls her out on this. Looks like drama will ensue. Anyway, chalk it up to Arie for coming out of no where. That was unexpected. I think Emily sees in him, the life she never got to live out with her fiance. And he’s a cutie. 🙂

In other highlights, Kalon put his foot in his mouth again when he told Emily, “I love when you talk, but I wish you’d let me finish.” Ouch. He’s a bit of a control freak, so there’s no way this guy is ready for a package deal. Having an instant family, and all that entails, would cause him to short-circuit.

And Travis let Emily smash Shelly the egg. About time. That was just a little too weird.

Stevie went home, and next episode has Ryan stepping up his “competition” in light of Emily making out with Arie. He’s doing exactly what Emily said she didn’t want someone to do: win for the sake of winning. Also, Chris confronts Doug but I’m not sure what that’s about. Increased tension in the house? We’ll see. Always more drama to unfold!


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2 responses to “Emily, The Bachelorette – Episode 3

  1. rose

    I don’t think that Alessandro meant what he said. As you can see English is not his first language. In the Brazilian (Portuguese) language compromiso means commitment. I believe that he thought compromise was the translation for the word compromiso and it all sounded wrong. If you look at his reaction when Emily seems upset, he looks a little confused.

    • You could very well be right about that. I would have to rewatch the segment to say for sure, but I do remember he said it wasn’t a language/translation issue. Also, it wasn’t brought up during The Men Tell All, not that that proves anything one way or another. I guess we will never know for sure! Thanks for stopping by, though!!!!

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