Emily, The Bachelorette – Episode 2

I’m slowly catching up! This was an interesting episode that started off unlike most bachelor/bachelorette dates. Instead of jetting off to some exotic locale or jumping into a hot tub at a ritzy hotel, the first one on one date was held in Emily’s house. Ryan was the lucky bachelor who got to help make cookies for little Ricki’s soccer team.  He played along, though. Then they did a more traditional date and dressed up for dinner. I noticed one red flag: Ryan speaks over Emily. When Emily is finishing a sentence, he jumps in without letting her finish. Granted, we all do this sometimes, but I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s a control thing with him? Later in the show, after he already had a rose, he monopolized Emily’s time by having her read a letter he wrote for her — 7 pages long!!! He reminds me of Courtney from last season and how she wanted to monopolize Ben’s time. Courtney won, though, so we’ll see if this tactic works for Ryan. The initial warm-fuzzies I had for Ryan and starting to fade. . .

The second date rose went to Jef. Seriously?? I can see her keeping him on for a while, but to give him a rose that early? Is Emily pining for her own lost youth?? She went on and on about how he ignored her reassuring looks and how she didn’t get one back from him, and how he makes her feel like an awkward middle schooler. Maybe she enjoys the chase, but in Jef’s case, it’s not a chase. The kiddo is immature. He needs someone much younger, certainly not someone with a child.

Another interesting bit of body language that I noticed was when Kalon pulled her aside to talk, she sat on the very edge of the couch, symbolically the farthest point from him. But then he ended up getting the first rose at the rose ceremony, so go figure.

Joe’s energy was finally toned down and he seemed to be a likeable guy, but I don’t think it was enough to overcome that first impression of over-the-top energy. They went on a one on one date, and Joe didn’t come back. I told you Emily looked scared when she met him!

Doug and Kalon had a bit of a disagreement. I don’t think Kalon said anything so horrible when he said Doug put parenting on hold to be there, but as a single parent it’s a touchy subject for Doug. Kalon, too, reminds me of Courtney in that he’s quickly becoming the outcast. There’s one in every crowd.

Aaron and Kyle made their exits. Both are California boys. Coincidence?

Episode 3 looks interesting with Tony missing his boy (possibly leaving the show?) and Alessandro saying something about how being a father to Ricki would be a compromise. Emily throws something, but it’s hard to tell what it’s in response to. Objects flying by episode 3? It’s going to be a wild season!



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