OMG, Kacie B. is Coming BACK to The Bachelor!

I just saw a commercial that revealed the “mystery lady” who surprises Ben, and it’s none other than Kacie B!! I’m in shock. Well, actually I had thought for a fraction of a second that it could be her, but I quickly thought Naaaaa.  Turns out it is! She’s coming back to warn Ben again that Courtney isn’t what he thinks she is. Good grief. How many times does Ben need to be warned? In the commercial, Ben asks, “Am I being played?” Oh Ben. Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben. Benny. What can I say? I appreciate Kacie’s concern for Ben’s welfare, but at this point, she’s got waaayyy more empathy for him than I do.

The preview for next week also shows Courtney getting teary-eyed and voicing her remorse for saying things about the other girls. Is Courtney going to have an “I don’t deserve you!” moment as a way to duck out of the competition? (I question her sincerity. Am I alone in my opinon on that??) Or is she just trying to lure Ben in a bit more? Either way, looks like I’ll be tuning in to find out how this drama plays out.

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