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The Vortex of Reality TV: The Bachelor

I’m a busy person. I work two jobs, sometimes a third that pops up every now and again. I’m a single mom of a very busy kiddo. I have pets to feed and care for. Groceries to purchase; bathroom to clean. etc., etc. So I’m a bit ashamed to say I’ve been caught up in this season of The Bachelor. I didn’t even realize it was on again (I watched it a couple of seasons, then lost interest at some point.), but I stumbled across an episode a week or two ago. Now I can’t seem to look away. I caught up on a few episodes on Hulu. It’s pitiful; I have no self-control.

It’s not that the bachelor is all that fantastic.

Ben, The Bachelor

I mean, he’s cute and all (not entirely sure I like his hair, but that’s a workable problem), but what’s more interesting, and I hate to say this, is the girls and all their histrionics. Tonight’s episode had two girls going home, crying, wondering what they did wrong. Ladies! Seriously?? If I were on that show being sent home, I think I would be crying because, Oh my Lord, the whole world has seen me act like there’s only one man left on the planet.

I know, it hurts to not be the one. But it’s also got to be hard to seriously think you’re the one, when there are so many other girls spending just as much time, or more, with the same guy. I’d be crying that the vacation was over, the adventure in all these different places – over; the slumber party atmosphere – over. Who knows, maybe that’s what they’re really crying about, but the producers won’t let them say that. Be sure you tell the camera how fab he was and how much you wanted to be here until the end.

And then there’s always the crazy chick. Enter Courtney.

Don't let her cuteness fool you!

She shows a sweet, sexy side to Ben and her psycho kitty side to the girls. Nevermind last week when she said she wanted to rip someone’s head off and verbally assault her. I have a feeling if she’s capable of verbalizing that, she’s physically capable of dishing out much worse. Look out ladies. This week she pulled a Vienna, taking her alone time with The Bachelor to intimate heights. Let’s hope Ben watched that season of The Bachelor and goes to school on Jake’s dime, if you know what I mean.

See, I told you. I’ve watched a season or two too many of The Bachelor. I thought I had recovered from my reality weakness, but looks as thought I’ve relapsed. I don’t think I’ll hit rock bottom until this season is complete because judging from the previews, Courtney gets called out by Ben, and I can’t miss that, can I?

Time to get my own reality.

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How I love thee, Downton Abbey

Last season I was swept off my feet with this show, and I couldn’t wait for this season to start. It’s definitely a lovely addition to my Sunday. “Downton Abbey” is a period drama set in England during World War I, and if you’ve seen the PBS series “Upstairs, Downstairs” you may have noticed the striking similarities. This season, however, the series has really established itself as its own creation. I love it! Of course, I dream of myself living in the gorgeous Downton Abbey, but truth be told, if I lived then, I would be one of the servants. LOL

Some of the characters have changed a bit from last season. Take Mary, for example. She was so superficial last season, but this season she’s grown and matured a bit. Edith doesn’t seem as petty. At first I thought it was too much of a change from last season, but the move I think about it, the more I appreciate how the war has forced all these characters to grow up. Besides, I like these new sides of the characters.

Have you seen it? If not, you should! Tonight’s events had me weeping in my popcorn. Oh, how I love this show.

Sweet William.


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I Should Know Better: Stuck on “Repeat”

I should know better than to complain. Karma has a way of eking out justice. To honor my complaint of Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup,” the song has been stuck in my head all day. I barely know two lines, but those two lines have been playing over and over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. You get the idea. [sigh]

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Good Grief, Toby Keith

It’s obvious Toby Keith has fallen victim to the YesMen (and yes, YesWomen) around him, with his ego soaring ever higher in the atmosphere, resulting in the most annoying song in recent memory. I’m guessing the conversation that led to the irrepressible “Red Solo Cup” song went something like this:

YesMan: Toby, you’re the most awesome musical performer on the planet.

TK: (No verbal response, just a semi-snarl-partial-laugh. Think of something along the lines of Elvis meets Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor.)

YesMan: Seriously man! You could sing a song about anything and your fans would send it to the top of the charts.

TK: Prolly right about that. (The use of “prolly” irks me, so it’s fitting to use it here. I’m LOLing.)

YesMan: Sure I’m right! We could write something simple right here, right now and I guarantee it’ll go platinum.

TK: Maybe. (TK’s strong suit is singing, not conversing.)

YesMan: Take that cup you’re holding — we can turn it into a hit!

TK: This beer’s for my horse.

YesMan: No, I don’t need it  — nevermind. Red Solo Cup, I fill you up, let’s have a party . . .

TK: Catchy.

YesMan: It’ll be the drinking song of the decade!

TK: Gotta take a leak.

YesMan: I’ll keep workin’ on this song, man!

And so it goes. The birth of a song that would echo in the ears of beer drinkers everywhere, from frat parties to farm parties, from the country to the cities. Toby Keith, good grief.


(. . . Am I the only one who doesn’t like this song?? . . . )

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Let’s Hear It For the Boys

I went on a mid-day diversion to Marshall’s. I love seeing what new clothes they have in and then wandering the housewares aisles. Wandering those aisles of cookware and dishes, gadgets and linens, I noticed a gent on one aisle checking out the cookware. Interesting, I thought, since I rarely see men in that area. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing a man in housewares. Next aisle over, same thing. A guy checking out dishes. My goodness, I thought to myself, when did men start frequenting the housewares section? I mean, I’ve seen them in the men’s clothing side, but as I said before, not in housewares. My first thought was Good for them! You know, outfitting their place and all. But then the reality of what the increased traffice means for me settled in: the competition for good deals has increased!! Game on, boys.

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It’s been a while . . .

It’s 2012 and I haven’t written a blog post in gosh knows when. I still have visitors, though, so thank you! I feel terrible that I haven’t written anything, yet you’ve been loyal and checked in. You = good. Me = bad. Life’s been a roller coaster, as it can often be for all of us. My attention has been pulled in 1,367,482 other directions, but 2012 is going to be the year I tune out the unnecessary in order to focus on the “important” things. Blogging is important! I’m going to try my best to be here more often. What about you? How’s your year shaping up?

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