Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife

I don’t covet my neighbor’s wife, but I do covet my bachelor friend’s cleaning lady.  She comes over once a week, every other week, and his house looks fantastic.  It’s never been so clean!  It’s just him and his dog, so it shouldn’t be that messy to begin with, right? But let me tell you, after she gets done with it, it sparkles.

I’m a divorced , working mom who between work, school functions, sports, and dinnertime, barely has time to fold the laundry or even start the dishwasher.  Needless to say, I’m green with envy.  How luxurious it would be to come home to a house someone else had cleaned — floor vacuumed, living room dusted, kitchen mopped and cleaned, bathroom scrubbed and minty fresh! I would feel like royalty. 

I’ve heard people say they could never have a cleaning person because it’s demeaning to the cleaning person.  I don’t quite get that.  It’s honest work.  We pay people to watch our children, to work on our cars, to deliver our mail, to teach our children.  Some of us even pay people to clean our cars, but that’s not considered demeaning to the guy at the detail shop.  Maybe it is demeaning if you treat the cleaning person with disrespect or in a condescending manner. 

If I had a cleaning person, I think I would hug her (or him) every time she (or he) cleaned my house.  Then she (or he) would think I was a basket case and never come back, and then I’d be back to where I am now, loading my own dishwasher, vacuuming my own floors, scrubbing my own bathroom.  Sigh.  I’d better go for now.  Those dishes aren’t going to do themselves.


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